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If I map a POI in a way / street, which already has house numbers for the buildings, Osmose throws the error "Number twice in the street" / "Multiple numbers in way" (# 2060, class 6), if I give the POI its address with house number, too.

Is this not supposed to be done, to tag POIs with house numbers?

Or is it an issue for Osmose that it cannot distinguish that the house number does not exist twice on two different buildings (which I would also call an error), but that the house number exists on a building and one or more POIs (which I would not call an error)? Should a mapper classify this Osmose error as false positive in these cases?

asked 30 Dec '15, 07:16

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(07 Nov '16, 15:55) sleske

This question is not a first time topic, and is related to One_feature,_one_OSM_element

When you have a bigger building as a closed way in OSM data, and there are three or four shops inside in real world, it should be enough to give the address tags only to the building outline. There is no need to add address information to each shop (which can be mapped as a single node) inside that building.

It is a question of redundancy.

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answered 30 Dec '15, 09:50

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Thanks, stephan! Now that I searched for a follow up question of mine, I found similar questions that I did not find before. The search function seems not to be brilliant or I was unlucky with search termns...

(02 Jan '16, 20:33) geohobbes

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