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Over the last few days I added some hotels to a city. The hotels are visible on the map. But when I check the search result in the API, it only shows the 1 hotel which was added 10 months ago. How long should I wait before the hotels can be found using search?

asked 24 Dec '15, 20:50

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I was going to check the hotels you added to see if there were any errors that could be causing problems, but you haven't made any edits under this account. Can you give an example of a hotel you've added recently?

(24 Dec '15, 20:58) alester

I'm sorry, they were made under a previous (Google) account name. I added 'Baymont Inn & Suites Erie' in Erie, PA. If you look for the specific name, no problem. But if you just look for 'hotel, Erie, PA' you only get the 1 result.

(24 Dec '15, 21:01) GoWestTravel

For reference: That hotel is actually in Jackson, PA, but it doesn't show up when searching for "hotels in Jackson, PA" either.

(24 Dec '15, 21:30) alester

Well, here's one right in the heart of Erie, PA: Looking for 'Rodeway Inn, Erie, PA', no problem. But look for 'hotel, Erie, PA': nothing either.

(24 Dec '15, 21:39) GoWestTravel

Thanks Scai for opening my eyes. When you search for Erie, it only shows the one result. But when you search for a County name, I do get results. hotel, millcreek township The funny thing is though, you look for Millcreek twp, but you get Summit twp. And strangely enough, most are in the center of Erie and the address is in Erie too. I think I'll open another thread, unless someone has a clue why this is all mixed up.

(26 Dec '15, 10:09) GoWestTravel
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As you say the OSM data get consumed by different services which produce maps, geocoding, routing, data extracts, ...
The specific time till an POI will be available at all sources varies. My personal experiences: from ~10 mins ( map, API, Overpass API, ...) ... several days (routing, search, ...) ... several weeks (apps, external maps, ...).

You might want to check a hotel query via overpass turbo if everything is fine (category, details, address). The pure text search (nominatim) runs sometimes in trouble by getting an proper location etc.

P.S: Please pay attention if you plan to do large hotel imports.

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answered 25 Dec '15, 12:49

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edited 25 Dec '15, 12:51

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