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Bit of a niche question. I am mapping administrative boundaries that are build up of smaller admin bonders. It's a bit of a pain to manually select all the constituant ways all the way around the borders.

If I have 4 admin relations selected, is there any way, in JOSM, to select only the outer ways, i.e. to deselect the duplicate, inner borders.

For example, pretend I have these smaller admin areas:

alt text

And then I select these 4 boundaries (e.g. from the relation pane):

alt text

(Notice how the "inner boundaries" are selected too.

Is there any JOSM feature/keypress/plugin that will turn that into this:

alt text

Such that only the "outer border" is selected?

asked 21 Dec '15, 21:07

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answered 29 Dec '20, 22:18

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Control click on each way you want to remove from the selection, maybe? (Assumes you selected members from the relation list rather than the relations themselves.)

Edit: I realise this is probably only 5 ways in your example. If you'd selected instead all the relations to get the outermost polygon then deselecting as I suggest would be worse than just selecting the ones you want to include. I suspect you're after something else again.

Another edit: You could try zooming to a visible window completely inside the outer polygon you wish to leave selected, and Search, Remove from Selection, Inview

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answered 21 Dec '15, 23:08

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My current approach is to manually add the outer ring. The diagrams are a simplification, there are usually more than 5 inner ways. I was hoping for something easier than manual clicking.

(22 Dec '15, 09:21) rorym

Here is how this can work without the plugin but core's relation editor and its sorting.

  1. Create a new multipolygon relation
  2. Add all ways and sort
  3. Hopefully you get the outer ring as one sequence which can be marked and selected
  4. Do not forget to delete/purge the new relation or simply never save it.
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answered 31 Dec '20, 14:12

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Hi, select the ways that you want the outline of, then from the "Tools Menu" click "Join Overlapping Areas". This does however remove all the inner lines of the areas. The new outline can be cut from the original or copied. So it depends what you want to do next with the new outline as to how you proceed from here. Regards Bernard

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answered 22 Dec '15, 15:54

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