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I've recently mapped areas of water where there were wooden posts at the water's edge with lifeline or lifebuoy equipment attached. This equipment to be thrown towards any persons in difficulty in the water. I can't see a relevant tag, any ideas please? Thanks.

asked 22 Apr '11, 08:51

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The term life_ring seems to be the most popular in terms of a small number of tags (132 as amenity=life_ring and a smaller number as emergency=life_ring according to taginfo).

I haven't seen uses of life_line or life_buoy, but you could either create new tags following the life_ring approach or think of some encompassing tag (e.g., and of the top of my head, the rather unwieldy emergency=life_saving_equipment, life_saving_equipment=life_buoy). The latter approach makes it easier for data consumers to make use of the data, and IMO, makes it easier to find and remember tags by mappers.

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answered 22 Apr '11, 10:15

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SK53 Thanks for your prompt reply. I did try searching "life" as a generic tag in Taginfo to see if it returned anything useful, but it didn't. I shall go with emergency=life_saving_equipment,life_saving_equipment=life_line as lifeline is written on the container holding the rope.

(22 Apr '11, 10:39) Molescott

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