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Hello, there.

My question is simple, but I can't find a simple answer: when mapping POI such as shops on a zone where street numbers already exist, should I map the POI on the street number node or map the POI on a separate node at the same location? My question seems rather trivial, but, strangely, I couldn't find any similar questions, so, if I missed them, please don't hit too hard.

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asked 15 Dec '15, 14:14

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Your question is not trivial :) As far as I know there is no one definitive answer, but my take would be:

  • If a POI is the only "object of note" at a given address (i.e. if given POI is only thing worth tagging at that address), then tag the address node with the POI tags. This is essentially the one object, one element guideline, and helps to clearly associate a POI with that street address.
  • If there could be several POIs associated with a particular address (e.g. a building with several shops in it), then tag the POI as a separate node.
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answered 15 Dec '15, 15:38

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Does the second possibility include shared buildings? I mean, at least here in France, downtown buildings often have a shop at the ground floor and apartments above, but, then, shop and apartments share the same address; should I anyway map the POI on a different node?

(15 Dec '15, 16:15) Penegal

Besides, if the POI is on a different node, how do I map its address? Wouldn't it create a duplicate content?

(15 Dec '15, 19:41) Penegal

I would suppose these have different subaddresses then, but the wiki pages say nothing about mapping subaddresses. If there really is only one adress for the building, with several POIs inside, wouldn't it be an option to tag the address to just the building?

(16 Dec '15, 07:30) joost schouppe

If the addr:housenumber is a separate node I do not need to add address tags on the shop/amenity, this is usually the case when the building and the shop has different entrances. So if the only entrance to the building is through the shop I map the address tag on the shop.

(16 Dec '15, 13:24) emj

But, by not tagging the shop on the same node that its address, the link between the address and the shop would not be established, and that's whats bothers me; OSM allows one to add shops addresses, phone numbers and websites, but the postal address cannot be added if the building is shared? Sounds strange to me.

(16 Dec '15, 14:05) Penegal

Some software (e.g. Nominatim) can extract the address from the building (area) and assign it to the POIs inside. Other software does not do this. You can always duplicate the address information on the node of the POI. I wouldn't tag the address info on a node when it applies to the whole building, but in some countries you are not supposed to do this (e.g. Denmark)

You could of course have an address node and a separate POI node with the same address in 1 building, if needed.

(17 Dec '15, 08:23) escada

Then I'll map the POI address in its node in addition of the address node, but I'll only put the address node in the street relation, not the POI node. Thanks for your help.

(17 Dec '15, 09:42) Penegal
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