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I know I am automagically subscribed to all changeset discussions as soon as I add a comment to one.

But is there a link similar to<my_account_name> -> "My notes" so that I can see a list of all changesets that I chose to comment on?

My reason to ask for that: I am pretty sure I asked other users via a changeset comment about problematic tags etc. but as long as the original "owner" of that changeset (or somenone else who stumbles over the same changeset) doesn't add a comment him/herself I'll never get a message containing the changeset ID. And I didn't track my changeset comments...

asked 14 Dec '15, 17:06

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Thanks for the answers, seems as if I also need to make notes about my changeset discussions as long as that issue isn't solved.

(14 Dec '15, 17:34) zarl

Is this what you are looking for?:

To get to this site start at , type in the user name, then click on the link after "Changeset discussions:".

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answered 28 Sep '20, 19:50

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I've marked this as the accepted answer, since I suspect the original questioner may have long gone.

Previous answers (about there being no way to do it within OSM itself) are still correct, of course, but this more useful.

(28 Sep '20, 19:58) SomeoneElse ♦

This issue #842 on github is still open, feature is not implemented yet:

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answered 14 Dec '15, 17:22

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Unfortunately, I don't think that there is a way to do this "within the site" currently. I keep track of where I've commented via a local text file...

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This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 14 Dec '15, 17:15

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SomeoneElse ♦
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similarly to SomeoneElse: add the changesets as bookmarks in your browser and prepend a date to the bookmark's name when you think you should revisit this changeset (e.g. somehow a dead line before you write a osm mail or something). By the way: note that we still have no in-band notification of changeset comments to own changesets - this is just by email. If you do not check the email account you will never know that someone commented. Keep this in mind.

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answered 14 Dec '15, 21:44

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