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Hi. First time user here. map editing isn't my thing and just want to add a location so it shows up on Strava. I tried adding Eric Bike to the local Canasvieiras, Florianopolis, Santa Caterina Brasil map but don't see it on the map now. Ugh. Can someone help?

Here's the info:

Eric Bike Av Prof Milton Leite da Costa 520 Canasvieiras, Florianopolis Santa Caterina Brasil 88054-230

Thanks Robert

asked 08 Dec '15, 11:25

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Hi. I'm back with this request. So "Eric Bike" shows up on the Strava web page map. No icon, just the name. Not perfect, but not nothing. Until today, nothing showed on the mobile map.

Today, I noticed (for the first time) "Eric Haensel" on my mobile map in the spot where the bike shop is. He's the owner of Eric Bike. It should be "Eric Bike." And an icon would be great.

I have no idea what is going on. Can someone help with this?

Thanks Robert

(06 Feb '16, 15:08) parkside415

@parkside415: as Harry said, it takes time until Strava refreshes its maps. If you have questions regarding this you need to ask strava. We are OpenStreetMap here and just do the base data - not the strava maps. And maybe you need to clear your strava app's map cache to see the update already.

And if strava shows the owner instead of the shop's name, then you also need to ask strava. Look into our data: - the name is clearly "Eric Bike". Sorry, we cannot do more from our side. Just a minor hint: could it be that you are just seeing "Eric Haensel" because this is his current position and he shared his position for all strava users?

(06 Feb '16, 16:48) aseerel4c26 ♦

Floripa! Cool. A new bike shop. We like those. I found it and fixed it for you:

The thing you were missing was... you'd set the name, but need to say what the thing is. A bicycle shop, by clicking the top type selector bit in the editor.

bike shop in iD

Now that the correct tag is on there, you should find it will appear (after a delay) on the strava maps. It also appears in all sorts of other places, such as for example, as lots of different people make use of this OpenStreetMap contribution.

permanent link

answered 08 Dec '15, 14:16

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Harry Wood
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Thanks for the help. Happy Holidays.



(08 Dec '15, 15:11) parkside415

In the UK we just say "Happy Christmas". It won't be happy holiday time until I go to Brazil in March. Looking forward to that. Not sure if I'll get to Florianopolis, but one day I'll have to go check out the beaches there. ...One fine day

(08 Dec '15, 15:32) Harry Wood

Hi Harry. I noticed Eric Bike is now on the Open Street Map. Not yet on Strava. Any idea how long the lag is for Strava?

BYW, I am a little confused by all the web sites. Open Street Map, help.openstreetmap, Strava, OSM, etc. I went to the Open Street Map to look for the changes, checked their Help page, but didn't see my original post. There is a wiki link, too. What would it take to a)make the editing simpler and b)streamline the processes/webapages/blogs/helppages to make it easier? I see lots of mistakes on the Open Street Map in just my neighborhood alone. I would gladly make the edits for you but not under present conditions.

Happy everything. Like Happy Holidays, but less specific. Sort of a generic "Happy 1/12-31/1" but less precise!


(08 Dec '15, 19:47) parkside415

@parkside4125: happy … mapping! :-) Welcome!

We have many many maps and services using our data and all of these have different update schedules. You need to check at the company strava (or ask them) to get to know when they update and if they show bike shop at all (likely they do...).

At there is a bit of a help to guide you through the contact forest. But... just stick to here. If in doubt, you're right. You mentioned our Wiki - let's call it documentation wiki, because this is mostly what it is: our documentation or everything. Yes, "we" are a bit scattered - but you will quickly get accustomed to it and being scattered if one our strengths because it enables us to adjust and evolve and and ;-)

(08 Dec '15, 20:17) aseerel4c26 ♦

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