Wayside cross does not do the job. These memorials can either be historic or contemporary.

asked 07 Dec '15, 14:41

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Is it for popular/special persons? Or common people died in a car accident or the like? In the first case historic=memorial should be used.

(07 Dec '15, 15:50) scai ♦

They could be historic in the sense that they are old. However this does not imply that the deceased are therefore "special" persons.

The average wayside memorial are however contemporary, carry a name and sometimes an inscription.

The wayside memorials can be useful POIs for knowing where you are if you do not have a GPS with you. Anyway they are there on the ground just like a bench or a waste basket so imho they should be mappable

(07 Dec '15, 16:54) dcp

@scai historic=memorial is used for Stolpersteine in Germany, and the vast majority of such people were not "popular/special"

(09 Dec '15, 09:33) rorym

@rorym That's true. So I guess historic=memorial is appropriate.

(09 Dec '15, 09:36) scai ♦

I would suggest drawing (mapping) inspiration from the Stolpersteine (literally 'stumbling blocks') in Germany, which are small plaques on the ground which mark living places of victims of the Nazis. There are tens of thousands already mapped in OSM. The OSM Wiki page for Stolpersteine, explains that they are tagged historic=memorial memorial:type=stolerstein name="Person's name" memorial:text="Text on the plaque". Taginfo for the memorial:type key shows some other memorial types are in active use.

Perhaps something like that?

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answered 09 Dec '15, 09:32

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Here is an historic one i was shown on an Ivel Valley Ramblers walk. It's near Sandy and the A1 at http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/52.12493/-0.30179 I mapped the memorial to "Frederick Thomas Bidlake" at the time in 2012. Quite a man in the history of cycling. see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Thomas_Bidlake I not sure about mapping the new ones consisting of flowers and maybe motor cycle helmets. They may help save lives, by warning us of a dangerous area. Perhaps we need a danger tag similar to the official " Accident Black Spot" signs the we have on some danger points on major roads in the UK.

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answered 08 Dec '15, 08:08

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andy mackey
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If there is a fixed plaque to the wall, then mapping it can be useful for routing, or even rendering. I can certainly imagine someone navigating with OSM and thinking "I go past the plaque to Joe Bloggs".

(09 Dec '15, 09:22) rorym
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