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Once, I knew how to do this. Please refresh my memory. Where (in edit mode) do I find the controls that allow me to place a barrier?

asked 06 Dec '15, 07:20

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edited 06 Dec '15, 17:49

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which editor are you using? Potlatch2, id, JOSM or another one

(06 Dec '15, 17:09) andy mackey

I was using iD. I cannot use Flash but can use Java. Perhaps I will learn to use JOSM.

Thanks for the help.

(06 Dec '15, 17:48) dwl-sdca

In general (regardless of editor) create a node in/on the road in question at the location of the barrier and add the tag barrier with the appropriate value (if you can't find anything that matches the type of barrier simply barrier=yes).

It would naturally help if you detailed which editor you are using.

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answered 06 Dec '15, 07:54

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If you use iD start the editor, select point, place it, type in gate in search box, add access tag details. If all correct save it.

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answered 06 Dec '15, 17:25

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andy mackey
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edited 06 Dec '15, 17:38

If you use Potlatch2, start editor, shift click on the road at the correct point. Click on the unknown drop down arrow, select Barrier, click on Gate, if you know of the access restrictions, click on advanced mode add access=private or foot or what ever best describes the case. then save it.

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answered 06 Dec '15, 17:34

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andy mackey
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edited 06 Dec '15, 17:37

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