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I've noticed a lot of these in my area. Usually, I know there is nothing there that would require a point. However, maybe there is something I'm not aware of. Should I delete points like this one?

asked 04 Dec '15, 23:05

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In this case, yes. These nodes aren't tagged, aren't part of a way or relation, and were created by a new user 3 years ago (who hasn't edited for three years). What I suspect has happened is that someone's clicked the map and created a node while trying to drag the map.

If it was created more recently or by a current user that's still doing it, I'd mention it to the mapper concerned - but in this case, I'd just delete it.

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answered 04 Dec '15, 23:36

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First examine the object history and look why it has no tags (I assume you mean this by "blank", look for edit comments). Ask the creator what he intended to map there. If the user is inactive and/or does not reply then delete it if you cannot imagine what should be mapped there although you know the area.

Just another, low likelihood possibility how such an orphaned, untagged node could develop: that the node could have been a member of a way which got deleted (and the way's nodes accidentally left over) or changed to exclude this node. You usually would see such things (ways using this node) in the changeset which originally created the node or with monitoring tools. Still, this would mean that there was some real-world object (except the case of virtual city/state/... boundaries) which could be represented by a way.

Also see about untagged unconnected nodes in our docu wiki.

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answered 04 Dec '15, 23:27

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