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I was searching for this relation by name, but Nominatim finds no results: - however it seems that Nominatim should be able to search in relations as well.

(Note that the ways inside this relation have their own, different names, and the relation itself has been named and alt_named this way for many months now.)

Neither the FAQ nor the documentation mentions what entities are included/excluded from search, in other words, what specifically is searched. If it's a problem with this specific entity, is there a way to fix it? Or, if type=tunnel is not searched, where do I find out what relation types are searchable?

asked 04 Dec '15, 14:28

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Producing a negative list for Nominatim would likely be an endless task, undoubtably it works with a positive list and relations of type tunnel are likely simply not included at this point in time (the same as bridge and site relations).

Particularly given that the addition of tunnel relations seem to be a stealth edit here and as you can see only a tiny number of objects are actually tagged that way.

Naturally there is nothing stoping you from asking for support.

PS: relevant code

permanent link

answered 06 Dec '15, 07:51

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I see that the "relevant code" link answers my question "what names does Nominatim search", which is what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

(07 Dec '15, 10:03) Piskvor

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