First of all thank you guys for all your support.. really thanks.. I'm sorry for all this questions but it is the only place where find info about this product (and the wikidoc).

I try to save space and resume the process.. I saw:

rank29 done in 0 second
rank30 done in 0 second

and after:

setup finished

Now I test the product via http (obviously after setting up for tomcat) to see if I have waited one month and half for nothing or I must thanks to God (and to you).

Really really thanks anyway guys. Giacomo

asked 25 Nov '15, 10:10

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Giacomo, please only ask questions here. Is there a question here or just the message that your whole setup now works? No question, then please add you success message as a comment (you need to login first) at your last question.

(25 Nov '15, 18:43) aseerel4c26 ♦

The question has been closed for the following reason "Not a question." by sleske 27 Nov '15, 09:43

IT WORKS!! please rewrite below the donation address (but I want donate to this community), and I swear on my life I will support you.

Thank youuuu aaaaallllll

permanent link

answered 25 Nov '15, 11:58

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our donation page is there in case you searched for it - not that clear to me

(25 Nov '15, 18:44) aseerel4c26 ♦

Yes It was I looking for.. I just wanna to thank you, sorry If I post in the wrong place..

(26 Nov '15, 11:49) giacomo-keybiz

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