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Hello. Options everything seems at the same stop, but the font is smaller at this stop and is only visible at the highest level. Please tell me, how can you want to add the special tag?

reference to the place on the map. Stop and School Fruit are not visible at the current scale (ссылка на место на карте. Остановка Фруктовая и Школьная не видны при текущем масштабе)

asked 23 Nov '15, 04:45

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edited 23 Nov '15, 06:09

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Do you mean the name of ? The name seems to be not visible because there are other objects/names blocking its space. That's normal and you should not try to do something about it. Other maps will show it. Try the transport map (see )

See also not-appear-until-zooming-in

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answered 23 Nov '15, 06:03

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Thanks for the answer. Is it possible to display a stop sign on top of all layers on a standard bed? It may be worth re-create the same name? Спасибо за ответ. А возможно ли отобразить надпись остановки поверх всех слоев на стандартном слое? Может быть стоит заново создать это же название?

(23 Nov '15, 06:57) ИжГЭТ

@ИжГЭТ: you can make suggestions for the map style at . Note that a symbol was shown for your stop - just not the name in higher zoom levels.

(23 Nov '15, 19:00) aseerel4c26 ♦

@aseerel4c26: In principle, I have enough to display the names of the stops on the maximum scale. It is bad that the names may be lost in the next update of layers. It would be good if in the future was invented a tag that displays the name on top of all layers. I'll try tinkered with tileMill, although it is too difficult for me, but I hope will help.

(24 Nov '15, 04:52) ИжГЭТ

@ИжГЭТ: as said below: we create and take care of data - not of a specific map. So there will not be a tag that "displays the name on top of all layers" because this is the choice of the person who makes the map / map style based on the factual tags describing the real-world object. The Transport Map displays the bus stop names up to quite high zoom levels. Our default map has no emphasis on public transport, so those bus stop names may be hidden if there are other more important (in the opinion of the map style makers) objects nearby.

Yes, with TileMill you could make your own map style.

(24 Nov '15, 06:35) aseerel4c26 ♦

Я так понял, вы хотите получить картинку с картой, на которой видны названия всех остановок. Со слоем, который используется на по умолчанию, так не получится: он не предназначен для создания тематических карт. Обычно люди делают снимко экрана, или получают фрагмент карты другими способами, и затем добавляют подписи и точки поверх. Либо, как вы уже заметили, можно переключиться на слой «карта транспорта» и увидеть все названия.

Все изменения, которые люди делают в OpenStreetMap, рано или поздно попадают на все карты, т.к. все карты отображают состояние общей базы данных. Правда, частота обновления разнится: от минут, как на, до месяца-двух, как на «Спутнике». Лучше всего не лениться, а брать исходные данные и учиться печатать самостоятельно.

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answered 27 Nov '15, 12:38

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Да, все верно. Хорошо, спасибо. Буду тогда пока пользоваться транспортным слоем и если получится, то создам свой слой.

(27 Nov '15, 13:00) ИжГЭТ

Then it turns out I have a number of ways: 1c) to use Transport Layer Map ( It just suits me, only a pity that it does not display even the house numbers in maximum mastshtabe.) 2) Create your own map layer, but then probably change, editable by users on stadratnom layer will not be displayed on my? About the movement stops it certainly was a bad idea, because they will not stand in his place. I just thought they put between the layers.

Another noted that "platform. Instead, the queue" is displayed on all scales, and "Bus Stop" only on the maximum scale. There is an idea to stop the replacement of the platform

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answered 24 Nov '15, 07:20

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I have no clue what you mean by "editable by users on stadratnom layer will not be displayed on my". Maybe you could rephrase this?!

(24 Nov '15, 22:16) aseerel4c26 ♦

please add this as a new "comment" below my answer. log in first. administrative conversion fails due to technical reasons, sorry.

(24 Nov '15, 22:17) aseerel4c26 ♦

There was a view, whether the changes made by users on the standard layer (names of the streets, houses, etc.) will automatically change on its own layer developed? Имелось ввиду, будут ли изменения, вносимые пользователями на стандартном слое (названия улиц, домов и прочее) автоматически изменяться на своем собственно разработанном слое?

(25 Nov '15, 04:16) ИжГЭТ

@ИжГЭТ: I have asked a Russian native speaker to help you here, wait a bit.

(25 Nov '15, 06:10) aseerel4c26 ♦

It turned out, pushing back the name of the road on 3 centimeters. Thank you. I will try.

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answered 23 Nov '15, 07:03

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so you mean that moving the bus stop solved the problem? This is not a good idea, because the map style changes every some days and then it may be hidden again. Furthermore, there are much more other map styles based on OSM data. Try to get the data right and accurate – do not care that much about the current default map look.

(23 Nov '15, 19:05) aseerel4c26 ♦

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