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A frequent question on OSM mailing lists is "please unsubscribe me". Then there's always someone explaining how to do this. But a lot of people probably don't bother, and just mark messages as spam (which increases probability that OSM messages are marked as spam for everyone). It looks simple to add a one click unsubscribe link to the messages. Or am I missing something? If not, who can I ask for a change? Or would you have to implement this list by list?

asked 22 Nov '15, 16:34

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joost schouppe
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They list the disc of the lists as proper place for tech discussions:

(22 Nov '15, 17:22) iii

You mean ? Added there. I wonder if someone is watching that...

(23 Nov '15, 07:30) joost schouppe

If it is just the email address in the link, I can unsubscribe any other user by generating the link with his/her email address. The current system requires a password and should be safer (i.e. protect against unsubscriptions by someone else). Therefore a one-click solution should include a a unique code in the link that is personal for the recipient and cannot be guessed by another person. This is the "hard" part.

Nevertheless both solutions require an different email for each recipient, which requires more CPU power and probably other resources.

(23 Nov '15, 15:27) escada

Yeah, I thought about that (too late). But the second option I linked ( might be feasible: unsubscribe with a mail.

(23 Nov '15, 15:51) joost schouppe

I like the fact that you have to click a confirmation that is sent via email to you. Given that email addresses of people who have posted are known, it would be too easy to unsubscribe other people. There is already a link to which itself has a link to A link to this second url could be added for more convenient unsubscriptions (adds clutter), or the unsubscription link could be made more outstanding on the listinfo page (currently you have to read all text to find it at the bottom).

(24 Nov '15, 14:05) dieterdreist

you can teach your spam filter to never put osm-list emails into spam. The only backside is that you have to filter the occasional spam manually ;-)

(24 Nov '15, 14:07) dieterdreist
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The mailing lists I know send in every mail a hint how to unsubscribe. Usually it requires just an email with the subject "Unsubscribe".
Being on an ML this should be straightforward and easier than to implement some additional stuff outside the medium.

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