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I was trying the app to import and download maps and suddenly a message "Access blocked We suspect this client is downloading maps in an authorised manner. I bought 'Import maps from PC' so what is wrong. I can't get maps to display for level 14-18. I was able to 3 months ago!

asked 20 Apr '11, 21:47

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This software seems to use "Mobile Atlas Creator" for tile downloading. This client has been observed several times to download HUGE amounts of tiles, using a fake user agent string, in a manner that caused excessive load on our tileservers, harming other users of the tile server. The app author has not honored our request to implement a proper user agent and to download in a civilised matter as required per our but choose to play games by changing the user agent string. We were able to identify and block the software from accessing the high zoomlevel which are especially demanding on computation resources (as they are unlikely the be in cache). Note that other tile providers like Google maps or Yahoo took legal action against the author of this software to stop access to their tiles which was violating their Terms of Service too. So as long as this software violates all code of conduct reserve the right to protect our infrastructure as we see fit and reserve the right to legal action. We are very sorry that this spoils your end user experience but you have to complain to the author of the software who refuses to play fair.

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answered 20 Apr '11, 22:04

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I would ask for a refund and make a complaint - the software developers are selling you promises of bulk-downloads of tiles from OSMF servers, when they know that it's not permitted.

(21 Apr '11, 08:50) Andy Allan

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