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I have a couple of pubs and a restaurant near me that also offer rooms on a B&B basis.

They are primarily pubs and restaurants though - i.e. that is what they are known as and that's what people will see "on the ground". Typically the B&B is just run as a low-key side business.

So how should they be tagged? This seems an obvious approach:

amenity=pub, tourism=bed_and_breakfast
amenity=restaurant, tourism=bed_and_breakfast

..but it doesn't make it clear that their primary purpose is a pub/restaurant so a renderer doesn't have enough information to know whether to draw a pub/restaurant symbol or a B&B symbol.

The wiki does suggest that pub may have an accommodation tag but I'm not sure how commonly this is used and it doesn't solve the problem for restaurant.

asked 20 Apr '11, 17:04

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The taginfo site should allow you to check how much a particular tag is used:

(22 Apr '11, 00:02) SomeoneElse ♦

This reminds me of one of my early questions: Unfortunately, it was too verbose and I feel failed to make the point. Then it got edited by someone else to sound more generic, and as a result got a generic answer. At any rate, I did not get the same advice you did. After I took the advice, the end result (as far as rendering) does not look too great. Hopefully, the search works as expected. I will try retagging it your way: tourism=hotel + amenity=sports_centre, which was my initial instinct.

(22 Apr '11, 04:50) ponzu

In general it's up to the renderer to decide which symbol to prioritise when choosing between them, depending on the target audience of the renderer. For example, an accommodation-focussed map could choose to render a bed since that's the most important focus, or since the tags are on the same object could decide to have a special symbol for pubs-with-accommodation or restaurants-with-bike-repairs or whatever.

The "primary purpose" is in the eye of the beholder, depending on their particular needs, and that's what the renderers should be worrying about. The mappers should just map which features are present and let the renderers decide the priority.

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answered 21 Apr '11, 08:43

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Andy Allan
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Thanks Andy. The OpenCycleMap rendering which emphasises pubs, was a consideration as generally I'd rather know where I can get a pint than where I can sleep :)

(21 Apr '11, 11:59) GrahamS

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