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i want to download a file .osm that contain the map of the bicycles stations "Vélo V" in Lyon, France. I found this link:

the problem that from this link, i can't download a file .osm. I can just download a file .geojson , .gpx and .kml .

I need to download the file .osm because i will use it in SUMO simulator. Please can anybody help me. Thanks in advance.

asked 18 Nov '15, 14:51

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You can get the data from Overpass API. Here's a query to start with:

Click "Export" and then select "Raw data" in the dialog to save an osm file.

I started by putting

amenity=bicycle_rental and network="Vélo'v" in "Lyon, France"

into the Wizard, which defaults to asking for json output. I deleted [out:json] from the query to get what you see there.

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answered 18 Nov '15, 16:56

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Thank you very much for your response. I downloaded the osm file succesfully. Now, i want to use this file for simulation using SUMO simulator. when i tried to convert this file to .net.xml with the following command:

netconvert --osm-files export.osm –o

i get this errors:

Error: No nodes loaded. Quitting (on error).

Have you an idea to resolve this problem please? Thanks.

(18 Nov '15, 18:02) MyriamBah

I guess I misunderstood the data that you wanted to access. The query I linked is just the locations of the bicycle stations, it doesn't include any of the roads.

(18 Nov '15, 18:17) maxerickson

Is it possible to download the streets for the osm file? So I will have a osm file which contain the bicycle stations and the streets. If so what can I add as request to dowload the streets please ?

(20 Nov '15, 08:39) MyriamBah

Here's an amended query with highways:

The streets are a lot of data so you may have to find a way to download the data directly from the Overpass API instead of using a web browser and Overpass Turbo.

(21 Nov '15, 01:14) maxerickson

Hi thank you very much for your response. I need also to add relations in the osm file. How can I add this in the query of Overpass please?

(23 Nov '15, 14:57) MyriamBah

In fact I need to have a osm file that contains nodes, ways and relations of the bicycle stations. How can I do this please?

(23 Nov '15, 15:27) MyriamBah

The second query should have all of the bicycle stations within whatever boundary is chosen as Lyon and all of the highways. The earlier query returns the nodes ways and relations of bicycle stations without anything else.

I would urge you to try to adjust the query yourself. A couple things about overpass: you have to request nodes, ways and relations if you want them all. Those results are combined by putting them inside of parenthesis (you can see this in the example queries). It is also necessary to request the members of ways and relations, this is what the final lines of the examples are doing. The >; on the second to last line is an instruction to find the members, the last line says to add them to the output.

The description of the query language may be helpful:

I don't mean to be unhelpful, but understanding the data model will be useful when working with the data, and with an understanding of the data model, it should be simple to modify the overpass query to return the desired data.

(23 Nov '15, 16:00) maxerickson

Thanks for you. It is very interesting to me to learn the overpass query language. I have modified ( >;) in the result part with (<;). I get 266 nodes, 9714 ways and 1706 relations instead of 38555 nodes, 9714 ways and 0 relations. I would know if the change I did is correct?

(24 Nov '15, 11:42) MyriamBah

<; fetches the parents of the input set (so if a node in the input is part of several ways, it would return the ways in the output), it probably isn't necessary for the data you are interested in.

My guess would be that you would only need to add node,way,relation queries based on additional tags, the items you said you want to work with are not modeled in complicated ways and it probably won't take further processing to retrieve them with overpass.

(24 Nov '15, 11:54) maxerickson

My goal is to have a osm file that contain the map of the bicycles stations "Vélo V" in Lyon, France which contain nodes, ways and relations. Please can you help me to do this with Overpass?

(24 Nov '15, 13:53) MyriamBah

Please can you respond me to have the osm file. Really I need this to continue my phd work. Thanks in advance.

(25 Nov '15, 13:56) MyriamBah
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In general we have a collection of sources for rae OSM XML data in the OSM wiki at planet.osm

Read all the hints there ... for a regional extract for only a city I recommend to load an extract from

There are more tools then, if you want do cut that extract even in smaller pieces, tell us if you need those.

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answered 18 Nov '15, 17:00

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Thank you very much for your response. I will try to use it.

(18 Nov '15, 18:07) MyriamBah

i am new and i can't use sumo properly, please help me i cant not import osm to sumo 0.31.0 , please guide me ????? .....

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answered 21 Oct '17, 17:49

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i have facing some issues when i work on SUMO, please guide me any one how i import OSM data of a city to sumo for simulation.please anyone can guide me?? my contact is

(21 Oct '17, 17:55) khanali

I'd suggest adding this as a separate question. It would also help to explain what SUMO is.

(21 Oct '17, 18:03) SomeoneElse ♦

I've moved your "answer" to a new question at .

(21 Oct '17, 18:32) SomeoneElse ♦

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