What is the source:geometry tag if deriving geometry from ArcGIS Imagery using the ArcGIS Editor for OSM?


asked 17 Nov '15, 11:43

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Are there places where the imagery actually is good enough for tracing?

(19 Nov '15, 08:19) joost schouppe

Yes - there's a lot of high-res imagery in there from different sources. I've not derived any data from it yet, but I am putting together a workflow using ArcGIS so it seemed it could be useful for verification or direct capture in places.

(19 Nov '15, 08:46) Z1PPY

Esri itself is currently investigating this issue, after I raised the issue on Github and @SimonPoole and @mboeringa got involved in the discussion. They will need some time. When they answer, I shall update this answer with theirs. (unless someone beats me to it)

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answered 20 Nov '15, 07:21

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joost schouppe
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edited 23 Nov '15, 11:00

@joost schouppe, just to avoid misunderstandings: I am not working for ESRI, I am just a proficient ArcGIS user with almost two decades experience working with ESRI software, who also got involved with OSM on its own account. So I am not the one who is going to answer this question, ESRI is...

(23 Nov '15, 22:45) mboeringa

Likely "Please revert this immediately".

Seiously, you need to provide documentation that the sources available in ArcGIS are compatible with OSM, in other words that tracing or digitizing in other ways from these sources do not give the owners of the sources rights to the derived OSM data that are incompatible with our distribution licence and your agreed to contributor terms.

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answered 17 Nov '15, 12:33

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SimonPoole ♦
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From the article: "If you want to contribute to OpenStreetMap (OSM), an open and freely available database of geographic data, you can use ArcGIS Online image layers with the ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap." It appears ESRI is saying you can use anything the plugin can show you. But sounds improbable that they have the right to say this.

(17 Nov '15, 14:28) joost schouppe

@jost schouppe I would in general not rely on marketing copy for correct legal advice, and besides the point you raise (that they might not actually have the necessary rights to grant usage by us), they don't actually really say that you can use it from a legal pov.

(17 Nov '15, 14:48) SimonPoole ♦

To the point as always :) I raised the issue at the arcgis OSM editor github page. Will post back here if there is an answer. https://github.com/Esri/arcgis-osm-editor/issues/104

(18 Nov '15, 14:21) joost schouppe

"I raised the issue at the arcgis OSM editor github page." +1, this is the only sensible thing to do...

(18 Nov '15, 20:33) mboeringa

@SimonPoole : there is an answer, but not quite convincing. I think anything short of an explicit permission for OSM tracing from both Esri and the "community maps" data providers would be unsatisfactory, right?

(19 Nov '15, 07:42) joost schouppe

I have also contacted Esri directly to see if there is any more information regarding licensing.

(19 Nov '15, 08:48) Z1PPY
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answered 22 Aug '17, 20:53

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