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Hi, I would like to create a wall decor product for commercial use whose design is composed of our own drawings and OSM map in the background. Our own design and OSM map image is somehow merged so I think there is a need to make attribution right?

Is it correct to make the attribution as "© OpenStreetMap contributors CC BY-SA "?

If yes, as we want to make the decor itself free of words, can we make the attribution in the following reasonable ways instead of printing the attributions on the product itself ?

  1. Can we state the attribution on our website in the column of product description and FAQ, or other columns possible?
  2. Can we state the attribution in a separate card which is included in the package of our decor product. It is attached onto the product and removable so the customers must see it before they unpack the product.

Thank you very much for your assistance. If you have any other possible ways that can be applied in this case, feel free to suggest them.

asked 17 Nov '15, 08:00

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Please follow this recommendations:

IMHO the attribution has to be "close to the product", so printed on the back, on a label, ... Personally I would be ok with an seperate note, as it informs the owner of your product about his rights.

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answered 17 Nov '15, 09:17

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Thanks for your recommendations. In view of this, I would like to make the attributions in both two ways - state the ""Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors" attribution on my website and at the same time print the attribution onto the separate note included in the package of my product.

(18 Nov '15, 04:24) kit0812

Sounds good to me and in best practise like e.g. router vendors deal with GPL. Please also note the ODbL itself. If you like, you can print URLs/QR codes where your customers can get the data dump that you used to create the product ;)

(18 Nov '15, 06:48) iii

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