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I have been adding some postboxes lately and I like how JOSM learns the keys and values that I enter. e.g. post_box:type=pillar,lamp,etc., royal_cypher=VR, EIIR, etc,. After entering a few, it is easy to pick the right tag from the drop down list. However, next time I start up JOSM, it has forgotten all the tags that I entered last time and I need to start again with the less common ones. Can I make JOSM store these values?

asked 15 Nov '15, 22:51

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While Simon's idea to use custom presets is perhaps the best way to enhance your JOSM experiences, it might be a bit intimidating.

But you can remember the keys over a restart. See the instructions on the Add Value Dialog.

Right-click on the dialog and check the "Remember last used tags" flag.

p.s. I can't remember I did it like this, I probably switched one of the variables in the settings pane under preferences by hand.

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answered 16 Nov '15, 09:46

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You can simply create a preset for the specific tags if none already exists, see:


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answered 15 Nov '15, 23:17

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Yet another option (not exactly using JOSM) - key value pairs.

Save required tags and their values in a text file as follows:


When you want to apply one of these tags, copy them and paste into the POI using the shortcut ctrl+shift+v

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answered 16 Nov '15, 18:18

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