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I try to export a OSM map high quality GPX trace. I found how add a gpx trace on map, but it is a classic map. I found how export a map high quality with :

But i didn't found how import a trace GPX on the OSM map before export it on high quality.

Somebody can help me please ?

asked 10 Nov '15, 10:51

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There is no way to import a GPX trace and to export it again using a higher "quality". Please describe what you are actually trying to do. Are you interested in GPX traces of hiking/cycling routes or something similar? Or are you looking for a routing service?

(10 Nov '15, 11:27) scai ♦

On the site of my customer, i already use osm to display map and gpx trace without problem. And now, my client would like to have the possibility to print a document with map and gpx trace. And this document will be print in A4 or A3 or A2. It's for this reason that i want to export the map and trace in SVG.

Could you tell me if you know one solution ?

(10 Nov '15, 12:14) Slayess

You can set up a local OSM database (see and then generate images from that using a program like nik2img or (or copy the code from there and add it to your existing backend software). To add a GPX file to the map rendering, one option is to convert that to shape file and modify the map style file to include that shape file. All this, however, isn't available as a free web service - you'll have to install your own server to do it.

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answered 10 Nov '15, 12:23

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thank's for your answer, i will try to work on this way.

(10 Nov '15, 12:47) Slayess

... or have a look at QGIS:

Although have not tried that on my own, you should be able to import a high quality OSM based map as background, and import any GPX trace as a separate layer. Then I rember the QGIS built-in print composer with some nice features.

Aks in the QGIS channels for more details, and also remember

(10 Nov '15, 17:34) stephan75

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