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I am looking at an area around Afghanistan/Pakistan and I am unable to import the "name" tag. I believe that this is an issue with there being 2 name tags (name & Name). The relation (I think) causing the problem is 362203156. It is the only feature under the Name tag and is called Patriata Forest.

Also forest is tagged to the leisure theme and not the landuse theme, therefore it does not render on the OSM portal.

Is there away to rename the Name tag, as I believe ESRI is not able to recognise the difference between name and Name.

Many thanks

asked 06 Nov '15, 09:13

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There is no relation 362203156. But there is way 362203156. It has just a name tag although it should be removed since it doesn't match the criteria for a name. I can't find anything with a Name tag in the surrounding area.

(06 Nov '15, 09:47) scai ♦

Hi Jon.

It is really quite simple. You go to the object in question, and hit the "Edit" button. Of course, you need an account for that. Then you click on the object in question and click on "All tags". There you could see that @scai identified the object correctly as a way, not a relation. But he missed something, and there was in fact a "Name" tag. As you can see in the history of the object, I fixed the several errors there were in the tagging of this object. Hope your import runs now. Please keep posting (or better yet fixing yourself) mistakes that you spot :)

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answered 06 Nov '15, 10:06

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joost schouppe
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Thanks joost and @scai,

Yes it is a way, but I also notice my ESRI import that there is an polygon present with Leisure=Forest which is incorrect and does appear on the OSM portal.

Are you guys able to see this?

I will try to fix the mistakes and post the complex issues



(06 Nov '15, 10:16) Jon2709

OSM does not do polygons. The forest I fixed is a closed way. As forests are usually areas, not lines, a smart data consumer turns closed ways into polygons. In cases where a closed line could be both a polygon or a line, the tag area=yes/no helps the decision. I think that's why you think this Forest is a relation. If you need a multipolygon in OSM, only then do you need a relation. One closed line gets definied as the outer, the other closed line as inner.

(06 Nov '15, 10:20) joost schouppe

All clear, apologies I am a newbie and learning all this about OSM. Thanks for the support

(06 Nov '15, 10:33) Jon2709

Oh, you are correct. How could I've missed the Name tag?

(06 Nov '15, 10:49) scai ♦

I think the most probable cause is being a human being :)

(06 Nov '15, 10:50) joost schouppe

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