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I have been unable to register to the OSM Romania forum due to new users not being accepted at the moment.

There I would like to post some of the import issues (similar to my Bulgaria posting yesterday) that I have identified with Romania for ESRI. Please see the attached map, I would say approximately 50-60% of forests are not appearing. Some example locations

  1. 22.213401 44.721939
  2. 22.009374 45.051075
  3. 21.785728 46.171772
  4. 21.793576 46.177224
  5. 25.375824 45.887546
  6. 26.537210 46.068091

Also when I try to query these features on the OSM website, despite showing, they do not select and appear in the enclosing query results.

Many thanks

alt text

asked 05 Nov '15, 13:18

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Can you give an example of an OSM object (node, way or relation number) that is giving you problems?

(05 Nov '15, 13:32) SomeoneElse ♦

OSMID 86092363 which is part northern boundary of the way for one of the forest areas.

I hope this helps

(05 Nov '15, 13:38) Jon2709

I suspect that you're talking about . That's an "outer" of .

That whole area looks like another advert for "how not to import data into OSM", but that unfrtunately doesn't help you at all :)

(05 Nov '15, 14:28) SomeoneElse ♦

Please say whether this is a node/way/relation: osm_id's are NOT unique, and ideally provide the link. I can guess that this is probably a way id, the relevant relation is

(05 Nov '15, 14:28) SK53 ♦

Hi someoneelse - yes, and I see that I can now select the relation.

SK53 - before I could not select the relation that you refer to, I could only see the way. There are a lot of forests throughout Romania which I cannot query the features.

I am still very new to OSM data and will provide links in the future.

What should I do with the other issues for Romania? Provide a list of all the links, where I see issues with the relations?

Many thanks all for the help, greatly appreciated.

(05 Nov '15, 14:49) Jon2709

Issues are currently being resolved and updated. Thanks OSM team.

permanent link

answered 06 Nov '15, 09:24

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How are they resolved? Can you provide some details?

(06 Nov '15, 09:44) scai ♦

I am not sure who is fixing them, maybe @SomeoneElse, but I can query some of the data and have been able to import some of the missing features this morning.

(06 Nov '15, 10:21) Jon2709

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