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What is the best way to tag a contributing project name or website url so it is possible to track total user contributions from that particular project/website? Reporting these statistics can help with aiding future project funding and therefore increase OSM contributions.

Note: The imagery source will be an automated comparison of landsat images over time to identify new tracks in forests (so presumably source=landsat). Users will obviously have their own login details. Data will not be bulk uploaded.

Source, contact, comment and note tags seem not to be suitable for recording the name or url of a contributing project.

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The best way seems to add a proper tag to the changesets, either as comment or source tag.

Please don't track your contributions by adding these tags to the OSM element! Each element can be edited by multiple users and usually has multiple versions. Yet adding a source tag to an element will only refer to one specific version or a specific set of tags, invalidating it over time. Add it to the changeset instead.

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