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Is there a best practice for mapping out what's known from the rezoning and redevelopment plans, but is not on the ground yet?

Here's the background for the question in case it is helpful:

asked 18 Apr '11, 23:43

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Well, that was a good question and I for one am quite happy with the answers you just got on the forum (Tag:highway=proposed, Tag:landuse=brownfield for old buildings demolished & cleared, or =greenfield when nothing before).

In the past I did enter some new bridges or roundabouts while they still were being built with extremely silly and unstandard comments like "delivery planned on date X"; now I understand I just obliged others to clean this up later on...

(19 Apr '11, 14:57) Herve5

As an innocent newbie I hesitate to be bold on this issue but I understood that one of the unwritten "rules" of OSM is " if you or someone else cannot verify the existance of a detail then do not plot it." Plans on paper are not roads houses factories etc. Anything might happen to prevent the building of new developments, government runs out of money, natural disaster in area, oil found where they want to build or just the builder puts some roads in the wrong place and adjusts the rest. Lets get whats there into OSM before we worry about what might be !!! :-)

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answered 19 Apr '11, 08:51

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+1 here, however if a construction work has began you can tag the land with landuse=construction

(19 Apr '11, 12:24) ivanatora

+1, but I did appreciate someone mentioning the highway=proposed tag and will look into it. The "official" plans are not a guarantee that something will be built, but it is the best available information of what a currently disused space will be and I am looking for a way to incorporate that information into the rendered map.

(19 Apr '11, 19:19) ponzu

My use cases involve local residents asking themselves: "What is this fenced off area I have been driving around for years?" (Answer: "It's NOT a marine corps base (as TIGER thinks), and it's not a park twice the size of Central Park in NYC (as Google Maps would have you believe), but something in between.") Or "What's going on with this Great Park I've been hearing about? What's the progress and the direction?"

(19 Apr '11, 20:09) ponzu

If it's a highway and it's official source, you could do:

highway=proposed proposed=residential (for example) source=....

See more in

If the plans are for buildings... you could mark as landuse=greenfield.

Cheers, Xan.

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answered 19 Apr '11, 19:46

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There's that to consider, yes. Thank you!

(19 Apr '11, 20:11) ponzu

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