There are some shops that focus on selling animal feed and other farming supplies. For example, Linnton Feed and Seed. I'm trying to find a good tag for this and similar stores. I'm thinking maybe one of the following tags:

asked 24 Oct '15, 18:46

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Peter Dobratz
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aseerel4c26 ♦

Hi Peter, since a vet knows only pets, large (stock and so on) or small (cats and dogs and anything else) use the tags youve mentioned.

(24 Oct '15, 21:25) Hendrikklaas

You don't have to shoe-horn it into a commonly used tag. Something like shop=animal_feed would work, if that's what it is. If you search taginfo for e.g. "feed" you'll get other options (all fairly rarely used).

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answered 24 Oct '15, 21:52

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SomeoneElse ♦
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I think shop=animal_feed may be too obscure. There are only 4 global occurrences and these types of shops that supply farms are actually fairly common, especially as you go into more rural areas.

(25 Oct '15, 04:13) Peter Dobratz

If it has a small number of values but you believe it is more common, then use the most appropriate tag. (I would agree shop=animal_feed is much better than shop=agriculture for this purpose.) The document the usage on the wiki & you'll be surprised to discover how many people know of such places but never found the right tag.

(25 Oct '15, 20:23) SK53 ♦

Update: It looks like the consensus is now to use shop=trade with trade=agriculural_supplies.

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answered 25 Oct '15, 04:19

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Peter Dobratz
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Where does this consensus come from?

(12 Jan '16, 10:25) scai ♦

I'm not convinced that implies "feed". Looking at the usage, the two examples closest to me are and , which are and . The first majors on lawnmowers, the second does sell feed but also the full "country stores" range.

(12 Jan '16, 21:35) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse would completely agree with this. "Country Stores" are really common in East Mids: there are a couple in Melton & at least one in Oakham. They are retail, not trade outlets: and I suspect a typical customer is someone with a few acres of paddock for their horses. Product mix is diverse: clothing, pet supplies, animal feed etc.

(15 Jan '16, 15:06) SK53 ♦
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