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A friend of mine faced me a question that I couldn't answer. He wants to create a map (at first, an app, but also a print version) offering bicycle routing, considering OSM data (the cycleways and cyclelanes mapped) and what he calls cycleroutes (a concept different of bicycle routes on OSM), simple and common roads that he arbitrarily choose over other streets because of their caracteristics, as in "calm roads". He has this network of calm roads mapped as a KML and as a SHP.

Note that those "calm roads" are not OSM living_streets, just better options to the bigger avenues, the path that is suggested to a cyclist on a given route.

Is it possible to use a routing application considering those paths? I thought about those possibilities:

1) creating a table listing each street on his road list to an array of OSM Way IDs. But this would require constant maintenance as people edit and split/merge/erase ways.

2) considering the street names, and somehow making the routing algorithm prefer those ways.

3) mapping those characteristics that made he chose those particular streets in first place (maxspeed=, incline=no, lanes=, etc etc) and tuning the routing algorithm to prefer those streets.

4) (worst possible option in my opinion) would be creating a tag for those streets, as in calm_street=yes and make the router prefer those.

All opinions are welcome.

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This site is for finding the best answer to a concrete question (hence the upvoting of good answers and so on), but you are casting a rather wide net and this site is totally unsuitable for discussions (because it cannot keep things in sequence).

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Will do that. Thanks, Frederik!

(23 Oct '15, 22:08) Nighto

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