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I need to use a local capabilities file for a WMTS service.

Typically that entry in JOSM Imagery Prefs would look like this:


But I want to use a value of like:


Could anyone help me if they think that is possible? And if so what the syntax would be?

I am on windows so of course there is always the path issue

I just want my d:\WMTSCapabilities.xml to get used instead of the one pulled from the server.

Cheers, Blake

asked 20 Oct '15, 05:12

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These WMTS xml files usually only list a number of URLs that you can use to access the tiles. If you open the XML in a text editor, you will see the different URLs, and you can probably select the format you need (we use the same format as Google maps).

So while it is handy to read the WMTS file directly, it's not strictly necessary. Other workarounds include uploading the file to a server, or launching your own web server (which isn't that hard when it just has to serve a file).

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answered 22 Oct '15, 15:34

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Hi Sanderd17 - I tried the direct url to the tiles, but I kept the WMTS: prefix and JOSM returned an error like it was expecting a capabilities.xml file, not a tile url. I wonder if changing the protocol prefix to use the tiles url in the capabilities document would work then. Anyone know if the tiles server url itself is something like TMS or WMS ?

Otherwise it looks like I will have to serve them up from a web server some place. I have to customize them by user so it would have been a lot easier to just send them their own capabilities.xml and say drop it in your josm folder and use this URI for the preferences.

Thank you for the help!

(22 Oct '15, 17:34) BlakeGirardot

The WMTS should tell you what format it is (WMS or TMS), WMTS is a combination format, that allows tools to chose whether they want WMS or TMS (in case the quality is the same, always go for TMS, it's a lot faster).

And if the actual tiles are also on your computer (instead of on a web server), you'll probably also have to use a server to serve those tiles.

Maybe you could share the actual WMTS file to see what it contains?

(22 Oct '15, 19:23) Sanderd17
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