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Hello everyone :) This is my first post on OSM.

I am Francisco Costa a student from the University of Porto that its curentlly doing Erasmus in Spain the University of Jaen.

I came to Jaen to do my Master Degree Thesis , that its related with OSM. I would like to know if there is anykind of library/article that compares the different type of Editors of OSM i already checked the wiki but i would like to know if there were anymore articles.

Thanks for your attencion,

Francisco Costa

asked 14 Oct '15, 12:33

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I am not aware about any further source than the OSM wiki content at , like you said.

(14 Oct '15, 16:29) stephan75

By "different type of Editors" do you mean "the humans doing the editing" or "the program that they use to do the editing"? There have been examples of studies of both, both "academic" and "non-academic". A quick web search for "volunteered geographic information study" throws a net over a few thousand of them.

Whichever or whatever you're interested in, I'd look at more examples than you find just in the wiki (or just published academically for that matter). Often, formal or informal studies get written up on mailing lists and blogs (such as this one that I did ages ago). You might find the "blogs" and user diaries links on useful, and blogs are often linked to from (which is available in several languages).

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answered 14 Oct '15, 17:49

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A quick search by be did not yield comparisions, but some single tests of editors: Search the page for "editor" with your browser.

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answered 14 Oct '15, 18:13

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