Hi everyone.

I'm trying to build uMap on my own server and experiment with it for educational purposes. Really great software. I'm a bit confused about dependencies, and have spent some hours trying lots of things: What Leaflet and Leaflet.Editable versión should I use?

Examining the compressed .js in online examples (i.e. http://umap.fluv.io/static/CACHE/js/28e5f8d7eaae.js), all of them seem to use Leaflet 0.7.2. However, building the 'reqs' dir for Leaflet-Storage package I get 1.0 version for Leaflet by default and some js errors occur in leaflet.storage.controls.js and leaflet.storage.js.

In 'no-compressing' mode all static files are published and every resource is available (no 404 errors). In order to discard any other possible problem, just replacing my first Django compressed .js with the 28e5f8d7eaae.js file found on examples everything run OK.

Thank you in advance!

asked 13 Oct '15, 11:20

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uMap is an unstable state at this moment, waiting for Leaflet 1.0 to be released.

Basically, you need to use master of uMap, django-leaflet-storage, Leaflet, Leaflet.Storage, Leaflet.Editable OR to use last stable tag from each of those.

Also, some Leaflet plugins (Leaflet.Toolbar, Leaflet.Label) have a dedicated branch to use with Leaflet master, and you whould use them if you go the unstable way.

Raise up on #umap on Freenode or https://gitter.im/umap-project/umap to get help. :)

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answered 13 Oct '15, 11:37

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Thank you ybon! Looking forward to Leaflet 1.0 and uMap stable.

(13 Oct '15, 11:55) jesus_
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