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It appears that the referenced section of the Notes wiki page has been removed: Note Removal

How does one delete a note?

asked 11 Oct '15, 09:48

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thanks for the hint, I have fixed the section link which is referred to in the old question.

(11 Oct '15, 18:07) aseerel4c26 ♦

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It is not, and was never, possible to delete a note. You can resolve anote, and moderators can "hide" a note, but it cannot be deleted altogether. If you have a note that needs to be deleted because it contains private information (e a telephone number) or copyrighted material, you can email with a request.

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answered 11 Oct '15, 09:53

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Is the inability to remove notes a limitation of system design, or a feature? Secondly, would it be possible to add the ability for the creator of a note to remove it? Or alternatively, how to contact a moderator to hide an incorrectly entered and irrelevant note?

(11 Oct '15, 10:09) Seann

Since notes can, and often are, entered without being logged in, many don't have an owner. I assume that this situation has made it unattractive to add a code path that would only work for those who have logged in before placing a node (inadvertently it would lead to complaints about not being able to delete "my" note just because I wasn't logged in when I posted it...). If one were to add the option deleting notes, one would have to think about what should then happen to any discussion attached to the note (were it to simply vanish, would that not give the original note author too much power over content written by others?). I don't think that a pull request would be rejected if these problems were solved satisfactorily though. It's just that nobody has done it yet.

For now I'd suggest that a note incorrectly entered and irrelevant should simply be resolved with a suitable comment, rather than deleted.

(11 Oct '15, 11:10) Frederik Ramm ♦

Understand. The ability of non-logged in users to add notes does complicate things.

As for logged in users deleting notes they created, even with comments added by others, doesn't seem such a large issue. When the option to delete a note is exercised by the note's creator, an action could be triggered emailing the creators of comments associated with that note, notifying them that the note has been marked for deletion. At that point, they could be given two options, agree to allow their comments associated with the note to be deleted, or alternatively, allow them to archive or append their comments to a new note. Just a thought...

For now, will add "this is an irrelevant note", hoping a moderator will hide it, removing unnecessary clutter from the map.

(11 Oct '15, 11:52) Seann

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