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I feel excluded from the OSM forum because I do not want to transmit my OSM passwort over open channels.

This has been discussed for years now, see here or here. The link in the first post, which used to explain the schedule in 2014, is broken and leads to a comment that the forum software has "recently" (when was that?) been upgraded, and "not all previous modifications have been re-applied yet", promising details in a link that is, however, broken again.

asked 07 Oct '15, 12:29

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it was only upgraded 2 weeks ago or so, see this thread. Also, you are referring to a number of threads in the German forum, but are there any posts from the site maintainer (Lambertus) in those threads ? For a reliable answer I would contact him.

(07 Oct '15, 12:59) escada

Thank you, Frederik! If the forum doesn't offer SSL, I will exclude myself from logging in. It can't take years to protect private passwords from being submitted in plain text over the rotten internet!

(14 Mar '16, 22:50) derstefan

The question has been closed for the following reason "This is not a question but a complaint. There's no room for complaints on this Q&A forum." by Frederik Ramm 07 Oct '15, 13:10

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