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I am very new to Open Street Map. I have some data that need to be shown on a map by Open Street Map from C# VS2013. The application can be WPF or windows forms.

The data is about some statistics results by location.

For example,

location, latitude, longitude, address, population, household, income of household, tax of household

The data was got from a database by running SQL query from C# code. The data volume may have 1 million rows. I need to do some aggregation so that they can be displayed on the map clearly. For example, aggregate all houshold (located in zip code 10080) information in a circle displayed on the map.

Moreover, I need to provide the following functions the on map so that the users can do:

(1) when zoom in to a location, more detailed data (from zip code to street level) will be shown.

(2) when zoom out, only the aggregated data was shown. For example, from street level to zip code level.

(3) users can get detailed data by selecting any location on the map as long as the location has data to show. For example, if a location in zip code = 10080 was selected, all household information in the selected location can be shown.

(4) users can hold control and click any location so that multiple locations household information can be show.

I have checked OSM wiki website and API, but I still have no idea how to add the data to a OSM map and edit the map to show it clearly.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Note that your question is not OSM specific. You do not really want to "add your data to OSM" (which would make your data public), you just want to display your data on top of a map - whether this is OpenStreetMap or something else doesn't change what you have to do.

(04 Oct '15, 10:44) Frederik Ramm ♦

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This should be handy enough to do, for the most part. You may want to do all your aggregating first and work with the finished data

1 & 2 - Leaflet + Cluster plugin will do that nicely for you

3 - Depends on if the post code boundaries are available

4 - I dont know if that is currently possible without

Have a look at

If that doesnt suit your needs, you may want to look at something like CartoDB or building it all from scratch in Tilemill / QGIS

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