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Hello everyone

I am from the Persian Gulf and I joined OSM with the hope of improving the mapping of my region (which I know some parts of very well). I tried to map various secondary roads, villages, industrial factories (some large companies have roads and office buildings inside, with areas stretching as large as villages or small towns). The Satellite imagery is very old. Thus I relied on my knowledge of the area to map locations and roads that do not exist yet on the Satellite imagery of OSM.

I mapped an oil company that opened a few years ago, and its place on the map still looks as a desert, while it occupies some space in reality, and there is a need to add it as it is a relatively large company (economic wise), plus that it already shows on other commercial aerial imagery and mapping services, such as Bing, HERE and Google.

Also, I positioned a national gas company, which it already exists on the Satellite imagery, besides many secondary roads in the dersert, only to discover that most of I mapped was removed a little time later, including some roads and places showing on the Satellite imagery, except for 3 houses of worship I added !!

So does this mean that I can only map places that exist on the Satellite imagery ?? If so, then I guess working on old maps is worthless.

Sorry for the long description, and thanks in advance for your patience


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This is still a grass field on Bing is a new building site ( now part occupied) that i mapped from an external survey. I got a sales brocure and new street names from the sales office. I converted the site plan that was in the brocure to a garmin custom map. I then walked around the perimeter fence to check where the road lines were being excavated and record these with my garmin gps. It was then fairly simple to draw the ways and name them. I hope I have helped a few workers and possible buyers find the site and some mappers map one that they see is being built.

(06 Oct '15, 15:26) andy mackey


I regularly map places that don't yet exist on the satellite imagery. If you find that someone has deleted something that exists on the ground, the first thing to do is to tell them about it. The easiest way to do that is to add a comment to the changeset discussion of the changeset that deleted something that you added. If you can't easily find that, add a comment to this question indicating the region that things were deleted from and someone will be able to work it out.

Sometimes people map places far from where they live, and assume that imagery is up to date there (they don't appreciate the speed of infrastructure build in places like the gulf, India, or China). Hopefully once they know that there's a problem they won't delete stuff without a ground survey again.

If you can't get into contact with the "deleting mapper" it should be possible for someone to undo the deletions using one of the "reversion" tools available (usually there are people in the #osm IRC channel who can do this). If a dispute needs resolving between you and the other mapper contact other mappers in the local community, or the Data Working Group** to try and help resolve it.

** disclaimer - I'm a member of that group.

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Hi there Thanks for your reply :)

As I am new to mapping, I've just played around, to find my history. I found that the places I added still exist as I opened the changesets in my history. However, they do not show on the map when I or any othe person opens the OSM map page, neither they appear when I search for them using the search tool.

This a link of a node I added indicating Tatweer Petroleum

This is the same place without the link of the node

This is a third link of my search

I used a node to indicate the place, as I do not know the exact span. This is from Google:,50.5731127,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3e485335020115d1:0xf46357b1a914a280?hl=ar

This is a link of a road I mapped

This is a link of the same place with no road showing


(01 Oct '15, 00:39) banshee-2007

Aha! I don't think that things are being deleted. In order for things to appear on the one of the maps on (or elsewhere) you need to describe what they are. If you compare your road with the adjacent one you'll see that the adjacent one has a "highway" tag. To fix this, edit the map again, click on the road that you added and it'll say "select feature type" at the left. Click on "road", and then (in this case) "service road" and then "save".

(01 Oct '15, 00:48) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks a lot mate. You advise worked.

However, I tried to add tags to the points I added, but still they do not show on the map. Eventually, I drew polygons to identify these place, "Tatweer Petroleum" & "Banagas". For some reason I do not know why, one of the the points appeared on the map. I tried to memic one of the points that are apparent on the map, which was added by another mapper. The point's tag of "Midal Cables" is "address". I tried to tag the points I added as "address", but I finish the changeset, the point's tag goes back to "Point".

The points I added did not show on the map, although I did tag add the Points' info and address. How can I add points that show on the map ?

Thanks again


(10 Oct '15, 17:00) banshee-2007

If you zoom in enough, Midal Cables shows up for me. On the standard map it doesn't at this zoom level:

but does here:

It's currently mapped as a "landuse=industrial" (something that normally applies to large industrial areas.

The "point" word appears because the editor that you're using ("iD") doesn't know what the point is. Don't think about adding an "address" but a "factory that makes cables". The normal tag for a factory would be "man_made=works" - in iD you can type "man made" in the search box at the left and "works" as a type in the list lower down.

(10 Oct '15, 17:14) SomeoneElse ♦

So does this mean that I can only map places that exist on the Satellite imagery ??

For the record: No, you can map things that aren't on Satellite imgaery. OSM is for things that exist in the real world. Satellite imagery is one snapshot of that and may or may not be accurate.

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answered 06 Oct '15, 13:00

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You might use WhoDidIt if you want to know who has deleted something in an area where you know that it has been there.

You can change the time interval at the top of the page and create an RSS feed if you want to "observe" the edits in your region of interest.

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answered 07 Oct '15, 17:26

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Thank you, that is a good hint

(10 Oct '15, 14:42) banshee-2007

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