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hi I have a gps map 60cx and the maps are on there fine, but when I go to route on it routes on the garmin basemap not the osm (hence not on the roads) can some one help me ??? ((when my friend holds it. it dose work and when. Touch it it dose not work))

asked 17 Apr '11, 13:33

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A little bit more information would be helpful. Presumably you've downloaded a map from somewhere - where was that and which one? Can you give an example of where you were trying to route from and to? Also, how did you install the map and what settings did you change (if any) to make the device show the map that you downloaded and not the basemap (I don't have a gpsmap60cx and so can't be more specific - but if you say exactly what you did someone may be able to help).

(18 Apr '11, 13:35) SomeoneElse ♦

First you should check if the OSM map you are using was compiled for routing (this is an option, and some maps still are not routable). Second try to deactivate the basemap from Garmin (in the maps menu). What is happening?

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answered 18 Apr '11, 15:42

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Thanks I finally realised that I had the non-routable maps on. I got the routable maps on and they worked fine, but the funny thing is that when I had the non-routable maps on and the garmin basemaps off it still routed over where the basemap would have been. Is that weird or not?

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answered 19 Apr '11, 03:33

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SomeoneElse ♦

That's not necessarily weird - I've seen that sort of effect on a Garmin Nuvi when trying to route using broken data (non-joining roards, that sort of thing). If it always routes over the basemap, even when you've loaded a correct, routable map, then that would be weird - but to comment further we'd need to know where you got the map from and what area it was a map of.

(12 Jul '11, 23:02) SomeoneElse ♦

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