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I've been editing the wetland along the Akagera River and it is surrounded by an extensive wetland. But in one section, there is a glitch; the wetland becomes inverted. Basically, the wetland side of the area is facing the land. It looks like there is a kind of ghost wetland area designation that is causing this inversion, but I cannot edit or even select this feature as no nodes are visible. When I try to select it, all editing features are greyed out. Here is the link: Thanks for your help.

asked 24 Sep '15, 21:30

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I don't see it rendering at all, and I actually wouldn't expect it to. There seems to be a break in the relation, which makes the multipolygon unclosed and unable to render. You can see where the gap is (around the north end of Lake Ihema) by putting relation 1709600 into this relation analyzer.

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answered 24 Sep '15, 23:25

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Thanks Alester. I've closed in the area (but there seem to be a few additional problems. Have a look at this:

Can you point me in the direction of documentation for the relation analyzer (where did you get the number 1709600 to drop into the analyzer?). I thought I had Lake Ihema mapped very nicely, and then someone duplicated a number of areas leaving some of them incomplete and it's a bit of a mess right now (I would also like to find out how to contact another mapper to work out a solution to this kind of problem). Thanks again.

(25 Sep '15, 05:15) PastorJ

@PastorJ: regarding your second paragraph: this is the only short docu which I could find. The "number" is the relations object id in the OSM data (this is nothing "analyzer" specific)- see there or there how to find it out. And see there for how to contact. Try to search this page and the wiki first, is a good idea if you have questions.

(25 Sep '15, 06:00) aseerel4c26 ♦

Thanks a bundle, Alester. You rock!

(25 Sep '15, 11:21) PastorJ

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