I would like to limit the list of OSM tags my Nominatim server makes use of. I found:

  • The file phrase_settings.php with a blacklist and a whitelist but the default values don't look as if they would be valid.
  • The file partitionedtags.def but it seems to be incomplete. E.g. boundary:postal_code is not in there but AFAIK Nominatim uses it.

I couldn't find any documentation. Anyone knows?

Best, Helge

asked 24 Sep '15, 16:34

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Helge Fahrnb...
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There is no simple configuration file for the tag selection. Tag processing is (still) hard-coded, so you have to hack a bit of code to achieve what you want.

The main tag filtering and categorizing happens in osm2pgsql/output-gazetteer.cpp. In particular, you should have a look at the function place_tag_processor::process_tags(). This function is called for each OSM object and goes through its list of tags. You can simply comment out all the tags you are not interested in.

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answered 24 Sep '15, 20:52

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That's great, thank you! So the two settings files are to be ignored, right?

(25 Sep '15, 11:07) Helge Fahrnb...

Yes, the files can be ignored. phrase_settings.php is used only when importing special phrases from the Wiki and partitionedtags.def isn't used at all anymore.

(25 Sep '15, 12:54) lonvia
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