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Hello everybody,

I have a Garmin nüvi 1440T, and I need to get a .img map file on it.

I've created a folder called "Garmin" on the SD card and copied the .img file into it, but the map won't work. There already is a folder called "Map" on the SD card, too, and there already is a map file in it that works. I've also tried to copy the file into this folder, but the map won't work anyways.

Does somebody have a solution for me? I need to get this map running in a few days.


asked 23 Sep '15, 17:12

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note: "Garmin Nüvi 1440 tested with software V4.40. OSM Maps for Garmin works fine." (our docu wiki entry about that model).

(23 Sep '15, 20:59) aseerel4c26 ♦


Hi Nico, Search the archives for an answer with these combinations "Garmin nuvi 144ot" by adding it in the upper blank window or ask it at the Garmin help site. This forum has been created for specific questions regarding OSM and not specific for Garmin devices.

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answered 23 Sep '15, 17:42

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Where did you dowload the map from exactley maybe someone can confirm that it is good. When you say the map won't work do you mean the old, the new or both? I don't have that model of garmin car sat nav, But on the 1310t I have to do:tools: settings: map: info: then i see the map list to select from. If the existing map is in a folder called map i think you should also use that folder, BUT be carfull not to name another map the same or you will overwrite it. safer to use a micro SD if the Device as a slot. let us know what works please?

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answered 23 Sep '15, 20:50

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andy mackey
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