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I had inserted some little missing streets in my home area and modified some other streets two days ago. These changes are visible now on the layers (some named in German) "Standard", "Verkehrskarte" and "Humanitarian", but not on "Radfahrerkarte" and "MapQuest Open". Will they get visible there at any time later?

asked 21 Sep '15, 21:35

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The various map layers are updated at different frequencies.

  • The "standard" map is updated very frequently; the exact time depends on how often the area is viewed by users
  • The cycle map ("Radfahrerkarte" in German) is updated every few days
  • The transport map ("Verkehr" in German) is updated every day or two
  • The MapQuest Open map is updated every 15 minutes for high zoom levels, but less frequently for low zoom levels occasionally, although at the moment it's unclear how often this occurs (thanks for the updates!)
  • I couldn't find any information on how frequently the "Humanitarian" map is updated

So just wait a day or two, and your changes will appear on all the map layers!

Some more information:

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answered 22 Sep '15, 08:32

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OK, I thought so already. But the 15 minutes for high zoom levels on the MapQuest Open layer I can't verify. My changes aren't visible there in any level after three days now (follow andy mackey's link and switch to the MapQuest Open layer; you can't see the short dead-end streets inserted there by myself in Milanweg).

(22 Sep '15, 18:55) tkansgar

The 15 minute rate for MapQuest Open no longer seems to be accurate. Data that I modified weeks ago still hasn't shown up in that rendering, even on the highest zoom levels.

(22 Sep '15, 19:08) alester

The cycle map ("Radfahrerkarte" in German) has been updated in the meantime. But the MapQuest Open map still shows the older status. Seems, that no one is responsible to trigger the updates there.

(24 Sep '15, 20:33) tkansgar

Depending on the configuration of the tile server there is no need to "trigger" an update. Many tile servers are updated automatically. Some of them faster, others slower. MapQuest Open belongs to the latter category and will take some time.

(25 Sep '15, 08:58) scai ♦

On my Win 7 PC I have to press the keys ctrl+F5 which forces my PC to reload new information. I can see the streets you added in your edits dated 19 Sep. on some of the map renderings as you say. I guess some layers are updated less often. but sure they will render soon.


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answered 21 Sep '15, 21:54

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andy mackey
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