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Hi All,

I am using Open Street Map Nominatim for the reverse Geo-coding purpose on the OpenGTS. Now from the application side, it's not fetching the result. It's showing the error as " IO error: org.opengts.util.HTMLTools$HttpIOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 429 for URL: http://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/reverse?format=xml&limit=1&addressdetails=1&zoom=18&email=&lat=12.97890&lon=77.51040 " Same URL, if i copy and paste on web, it's coming. Please guide me how to do this on OpenGTS.

Thanks in Advance.

Regards, Madhu

asked 21 Sep '15, 12:16

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OpenGTS/GTS has been permanently banned from our servers because we have been spammed with reverse queries from its users on a massive scale. You will need to find a different geocoding service.

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answered 24 Sep '15, 21:08

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HTTP status code 429 stands for Too Many Requests. I guess you are violating Nominatim's usage policy. Either fix your client, choose a different Nominatim instance or install your own Nominatim instance.

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answered 21 Sep '15, 12:35

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Hi, Thanks for reply.

How to contact the Nominatim peoples to fix this Issue ?



(21 Sep '15, 13:16) madhu781

It is NOT an issue of Nominatim. The issue is your client or the software you are using. Nominatim has a strict usage policy because it can only handle a certain amount of requests. In order to guarantee a working service for all users it will block IPs or requests violating this usage policy. It has to be fixed on the client side by one of the three solutions I mentioned above. If it is not your software then try to create a bug report or contact the author of the software you are using.

(21 Sep '15, 13:21) scai ♦
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