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Fairly new to OSM and I found a bug that I don't quite know how to fix. I have been reading about the different ways of mapping a bridge, but I don't see what is wrong.

Here is the issue:

Lets say you are leaving Roe Avenue to go west bound on 435. There is a on-ramp that has a divider between the on-ramp and the highway; This is the northern most highway traveling west bound on the map. That on ramp is shown correctly on the map that it goes under Nall Avenue then merges.

However, if using the route calculation it /really/ wants you to exit at Nall, sit at the light, then merge back onto the on-ramp before merging onto 435.

It is like it doesn't see and or recognize that instead of taking the right exit, you can (and should!) go straight under the bridge.

I poked around at the map and looked at the documentation, but I completly fail to see why this exit is an issue.

Can anyone provide any feedback on the issue and how to fix it?


asked 19 Sep '15, 18:34

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A screenshot + sketch would be nice to see what routing you try to avoid :-/

(19 Sep '15, 19:55) iii

Sure! Hope this helps.

Red is the path it takes me (Off the highway, to a light, then back on the highway). Green is the path it should take me.


(20 Sep '15, 04:23) StackKorora

The route seems to be correct on the osrm website, perhaps the data was changed recently ?

(20 Sep '15, 06:17) escada

@escada: That's a different location, isn't it? Here is the one from the screenshot and the route seems fine. So the issue is not the data.

@StackKorora: Which "route calculation" are you talking about? The OSM website? A specific app or device?

(20 Sep '15, 09:31) scai ♦

@scai, you're right, ti should have been this. I tried a few in the area and copied the wrong one, sorry

(20 Sep '15, 14:43) escada

Thank you both for looking at this. I am glad in knowing that I wasn't crazy thinking it was correct. :-)

The App I use is OSMAnd from f-droid:

It has route calcuation in it. I just checked and I am updated on both the app and the map.

It seems this may not be an OSM issue but perhaps a OSMAnd app issue?

Thank you again!

(20 Sep '15, 15:12) StackKorora

Yes, it seems to be an issue of OSMAnd itself. There haven't been any recent edits on this roads so I guess it has the same data as other routers.

(20 Sep '15, 15:41) scai ♦
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