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Hi, i'm try to use the reverse geocode provider:

i can do that with my browser, but when i make the same request from my server (opengts server) i receive an error. I think the error is because the web server detect this is not a browser and refused connection.

how can i use this web services with my server? please your help


 this is the error message sending with terminal:

 [root@gps]# wget
 [1] 16844
 [2] 16845
 [3] 16846
 [4] 16847
 [5] 16848
 [6] 16849
 [2]   Done                    limit=1
 [3]   Done                    addressdetails=1
 [4]   Done                    zoom=18
 [5]-  Done                    email=
 [root@bitacoragps bitacoragps]# --2015-09-15 23:35:14--
 Connecting to||:80... failed: Connection refused.

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Scai has found the issue here, but this is still relevant in general: Chances are quite good, that you are guessing right (maybe due to a missing identification of your client). Please check and obey the services usage policy which you are using. In this case: This is important because we are just a project living on donations which cannot handle every load. :-)

If you just send some requests the default user agent identification may be tolerable, but please change it if those are many requests (I do not know your server software). I think it should be something like this (nominatim's email parameter filled in (and/or a new user agent): wget "" --user-agent=HugoAOpenGTS

Note, that I am no server admin, but setting a good user agent and ensuring to not do too many requests per time frame would be a first try.

(17 Sep '15, 06:07) aseerel4c26 ♦

You have to quote the URL because it contains special characters such as &. Try this instead:

wget ""

Some background information: As you can see in your output, wget actually only tries to open (everything before the first &) due to the fact that your shell interprets & in a special way. It assumes the program and all of its arguments end at right before the & and puts it into the background (that's what the & is for). That's why you are seeing the [1] 16844, [2] 16845 and so on which are the PIDs of the programs put into the background. And this URL wget is trying to retrieve won't ever give you an useful response.

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answered 16 Sep '15, 08:04

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oh, yes, indeed! thanks, I missed that.

(17 Sep '15, 06:01) aseerel4c26 ♦

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