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Hello, there.

I would like to ask you this: how to correctly map a poplar plantation? It is widespread in the wet regions of France, but it's between landuse=forest, because it's a land used for growing trees, landuse=orchard, as the trees are regularly spaced, with nothing but grass between them, and they receive fertilizer and other phytosanitary treatments, so they are also largely related with landuse=farmland. I suppose I would have to use landuse=plantation, but, then, to map the tree essence? Should I use the orchards' trees=* tag?

I might add that I will update the wiki to give the according tag when someone shall have given it.

Awaiting your answers,


asked 15 Sep '15, 15:51

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aseerel4c26 ♦

This is straightforward: use either landuse=forest or natural=wood (following the most common usage in your area). Poplar plantations are for timber so clearly follow most definitions of landuse=forest & they form woods.

I discussed the issue in rather more detail on my blog:

The only other recommendation I made was to add the tag plantation=yes to enable such woodland areas to be distinguished. I suggest criteria for use of this tag in the blog post.

Adding information about the genus, species and/or taxon helps as well.

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answered 16 Sep '15, 15:20

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+1. Except for reserves almost any forrest in Europe has some significance for timber, with more or less plantation like growing of trees.

(16 Sep '15, 15:32) TZorn

How should I map the species, then?

(08 Oct '15, 12:47) Penegal

In advanced mode of Potlatch2 species=poplar (for example) see this screenshot as it's easier to understand as a pic.

Note: i didn't map this plantation, I would be surprised if name=poplar plantation or even poplar_plantation is correct. it's probabley not natural it's managed as well, I did not save the species tag either. Note the tags should be in lower case letters, no capital letters and no_spaces ... i just wanted an example.

(08 Oct '15, 13:08) andy mackey

@andy mackey: according to the tag should be genus:en=poplar or better genus=Populus since "poplar" is the genus but not the species. According to Taginfo the genus is usually specified with the first letter capitalized.

(08 Oct '15, 14:04) aseerel4c26 ♦

Generic names must have an initial capital: it's part of the definition of a biological name. Anything else is wrong. For genus:en either Poplar or poplar will do.

(08 Oct '15, 14:11) SK53 ♦

Thanks i had remembered that the tall skinny Lombardy aren't like the ones in the match woods so there are a few types of poplar, so I half expected a comment on that, but I didn't know caps could ever be used in the tags.

(08 Oct '15, 14:41) andy mackey

@ Penegal, you could have followed the link in my answer to the Wiki pages :-(

(08 Oct '15, 18:50) Hendrikklaas

@Hendrikklaas: sorry for that; when I saw your answer, I only focused on which tag to use for the plantation, not for the species.

So, I should go with genus=Populus, and possibly use genus:LANG to explicit the genus otherwise than with latin?

(09 Oct '15, 10:41) Penegal

Yes, you could add any language you know in the menu, go for it and its Wiki's description, also take a look here

(09 Oct '15, 21:09) Hendrikklaas
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Penegal consider lnduse=plant_nursery and read Add plant=tree as well from the tagging examples.

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answered 15 Sep '15, 18:38

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in my opinion a plant nursery is where trees are sown from seed, often in containers, grown to a couple of meters, then sold for replanting.

(15 Sep '15, 20:35) andy mackey

Andy ther is no tag for sizes of the plants in the Wiki, but I recon that the planter grows them in different sizes in the same field. But its possible to use the height tag if you want it. I wont advice you to buy en tree of > 6 m., theyre expensive.

(15 Sep '15, 23:01) Hendrikklaas

From landuse=orchard on the wiki: "An orchard is an intentional planting of trees or shrubs maintained for food production." that doesn't seem to fit at all, unless people are eating the poplars. :)

landuse=farmland says: "An area of farmland used for tillage and pasture (animals, vegetables, flowers, fruit growing)." that doesn't fit either.

I would go with landuse=forest. It best describes that it's land used for growing trees.

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answered 15 Sep '15, 18:10

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I have seen single trees tagged, i suppose a species tag could also be added to a forest area

(15 Sep '15, 20:38) andy mackey

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