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I've update a local hiking trail in OSM, which required breaking it into smaller segments (ways), so that the smaller segments could be appropriately tagged with track/path, surface, bridge, etc. At the same time, I wanted to add overall trail information: name, ref, maintainer, etc. Rather than add that information to each individual segment, I created a Hiking Route relation to contain all the segments, and added the trail info to that. However, when the OSM map tiles refreshed, the trail name no longer rendered. It must only render the name of the way, not a relation that it is part of. This made me wonder if I did the wrong thing.

What is the correct way to do this? Should the trail info be duplicated on each segment?

For some trail systems in the area there are segments that are considered part of multiple routes, which would be possible to represent with the route approach.

What is the best practice advice for this?

asked 14 Sep '15, 23:27

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It sounds like you are doing it right (adding route information only to the relation; compare with this other question or that question)
… but the map you are looking at is just not displaying hiking routes. Are other hiking routes shown? Check at e.g. (your new hiking trail) or other hiking maps/services.

Info about the usual tagging is at

permanent link

answered 15 Sep '15, 06:06

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Thanks for the advice. I wasn't aware of that waymarked trails, which is good to know about. However, it appears to be using tiles that are served up from tile server, which is the tile set that doesn't have trail labels for hiking trails unless it is on the way itself.

I still feel like I'm doing it right, and that this just reflects a deficiency in that specific tile renderer. Like I said, the relation approach is the only way to capture certain data. I might wait until the cycle map tiles refresh, which I think are more useful for hiking trail maps anyway.

(15 Sep '15, 16:04) Elerius

@Elerius: the background tiles are in fact the same which you see as default map on, right. But overlays the hiking routes (which have been extracted from OSM data, of course and as mentioned on the site and in the copyright map header). This is the power of the open OSM data - everybody can build maps and services based on the raw data to enhance some specific view. Having only one map which shows everything in a way best for hikers, boat drivers, HGV drivers, … would be impossible.

Yes, you are doing it right. Compare with other hiking routes, e.g. this one (randomly selected by me).

Cycle maps likely will not render hiking routes as that is out of scope for them. If you just like the OpenCycleMap as background with your hiking routes, check, select the OpenCycleMap as background and select the "waymarked trails" as overlay.

(15 Sep '15, 19:39) aseerel4c26 ♦

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