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I'm still quite new to OSM, and I am testing many features. This all in reference to USA roadways. I'm trying to export a given region of OSM with as much data as possible. When I export a manually selected area directly from OSM and import into a travel forecasting software, I get the following data/tags:


Alternatively, exporting state-level regions from "Geofabrik Downloads" on the export tab provides additional information such as MaxSpeed, Oneway, Bridge, and Tunnel in ESRI Shapefile format (all of these can be populated when creating new roadways in the editor).

I'm trying to limit the use of third party sources for the time being, but as an example, the ability to route a path in OSM to see distance, travel time, etc. suggests there is more data being used than what is being shown in the exported standard OSM map.

Assuming it isn't populated by the editor, does OSM use a generalized speed based on type? Is OSM linked to another data source? Is there a better way to export directly from OSM to include more information? Is there some way to have access (whether there's some membership, payment, or other option) to see additional "behind the scenes" data? If a third party is the only means to obtain additional routing information, what do you suggest? Also, it is very important that crossing roadways have a joining point at intersections (junctions) when exporting, though the OSM standard export creates undesirable grade separated intersections. Any guidance or information is appreciated.

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Welcome to OSM, mikew! :-) Could you please edit your question and replace its title by a very short summary of your question? The fact that it is about "export" is already represented by the question tag. This would help others with a similar question.

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There are many ways to get where you want. From what you write, I'm assuming you're interested in roads. (OSM is much more than that) To get an idea of road properties:

Routing software (like the ones available through usually take into account max speed and road type. So when no maxspeed is available, a secondary road might be assumed to be faster than a tertiary road.

Depending on where you want to go, you might want to look into converting OSM extracts to sqlite database, which works pretty good with QGIS. But if you want more specific help, please specify what exactly you're trying to accomplish.

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Thank you for the reply. My goal is to achieve a routable roadway network to be used in a travel demand model. My main focus is to get as much roadway data using OSM's export. Some of the specific data I would like to obtain are lanes, speed, type, intersection control (traffic signals and stop signs), and turn restrictions. I would also like to figure out how to get grade separated roadways to not result in an intersection when exporting. This wiki page will give some more detail about the overall final product:

As you stated, I do believe OSM defaults to a max speed and number of lanes to road type if null from user input or original creation (which I believe was 2005 TIGER lines for USA). Also, I'm sure much of the data I'm trying to obtain is dependent on previous users' input, so it could be non-existent.

It seems to me that utilizing Overpass Turbo may be the only way to get the data to export. OSM's Standard Map Layer export seems to be fixed to certain tags. However, I can't export from Overpass Turbo into an agreeable format. My mind is still scattered, but I hope this provides more detail to my goal.

(16 Sep '15, 18:10) mikew

For larger datasets, you can download raw .OSM files and process them using for example Osmium

(17 Sep '15, 10:30) joost schouppe

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