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Good Afternoon,

I am reading up on the various software packages available for OSM data using Windows 7 OS.

Software such as Mapnik doesn't seem to have an OSM plug-in, can anyone please advise which software is the best on a windows platform for viewing OSM data directly from the .osm file or is it recommended to bring into another GIS database format.

Many thanks


asked 14 Sep '15, 12:27

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Sorry guys, I am moving from the world of ESRI!!

QGIS 2.10.1 does it all so well and so fast, thanks!!

(14 Sep '15, 13:28) Jon2709

@jon2709: do you mean that QGIS is the answer to your question and that this question can be closed then? Welcome to OSM! :-)

(14 Sep '15, 20:03) aseerel4c26 ♦

Thanks aseerel4c26, mboeringa has answered and I just came across the multi-polygon importing issue in QGIS.

Back to the drawing board and trying osm2pgsql



(16 Sep '15, 15:26) Jon2709

You should be aware that QGIS, through it's Import Topology from XML menu option does not support multi-polygons AFAIK. Your view of the OSM data in the region you extract is likely to be (highly) incomplete in some parts of the globe.

It is also one of the reasons why other tools like osm2pgsql and the ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap are considerably slower, as they do more thorough processing of the data and create proper polygons with inner holes from OSM multipolygon data. Processing sometimes ambiguous (old-type) multipolygons is an inherent computationally rather tough task...

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answered 14 Sep '15, 21:02

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Yes I just found this out... just had the perfect example was going to post my issue.

I am actually using ArcGIS Editor for OSM, but I have noticed certain Tags are missing from the data such as craft. emergency, office, public_transport and sport as well as the 'name'tag.

Are you aware of being able to bring the tags into ESRI?



(16 Sep '15, 15:23) Jon2709

You've missed a very simple option here: the "OSM Attribute Selector" tool in the toolbox was exactly designed for this purpose. In fact, ESRI stores ALL tagging information in it's own binary field equivalent of PostGreSQL HStore. So you have access to all tags if needed through this tool.

(16 Sep '15, 18:45) mboeringa

By the way, please note that since databases do not allow ":" char in their fieldnames, the OSM Attribute Selector will convert a key like "addr:housenumber" to a true database field name of "osm_addr_58_housenumber", so the ":" is replaced by "_58_". It will set an alias though using the key name. Also, as you can see in the example, the field is prepended with "osm_" by default (this only relates to the fields extracted using the "OSM Attribute Selector", the default keys like "highway" and "railway" don't have "osm_" prepended).

(16 Sep '15, 18:54) mboeringa

Yes I seen the tool OSM Attribute Selector, but unfortunately when I run this, in generates the tags but they are all null. Discussing the issue with ESRI.

Also I have the Data Interoperability license with ESRI, and found the OSM import and OSM Community-Approved Feature Types for importing basic, broad and specific feature types. Very simple, easy and exactly what I need for the bringing in other tags that relate to a specific themes.



(17 Sep '15, 08:46) Jon2709

What is the source of your *.osm files? I have never seen this happening (only Null) with osm files downloaded from Geofabrik, or downloaded using QGIS option for extraction of osm files ("Download Data" in the Vector\OpenStreetMap menu option). The fields extracted by the OSM Attribute Selector always contain data. Of course, since many features are simply not tagged in OSM for certain keys, there are always many Null values as well, but that is the true data.

Also, what version of the ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap are you using? Please download the latest, as it contains vastly improved multi-polygon handling, after I notified ESRI of issues with that, that ESRI subsequently fixed.

(17 Sep '15, 09:28) mboeringa

Hi Mboeringa,

I have been using data from Geofabrik, and .pbf. I did however follow your suggestion and downloaded ArcGIS Editor for OSM and bingo I have tags appearing with data now.

So thank you very much!!



(17 Sep '15, 14:43) Jon2709
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