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What is the difference between slight_right and right signs. It seems to me that most turns on motorways should be "slight" and right should be used only when turning 60 degrees on regular intersection, but maybe it is more connected to the sign which is displayed on the road. There very often I see sign "right" beeing used even on very slowly turning exits and entrances to highways.

asked 12 Sep '15, 00:18

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Use discretion and what's on the pavement. I do vary this a bit, since Oklahoma only uses "right" or "left" and not the "slight" variations for turn lanes, even on the freeway. I'll use slight_right/left for diamond style ramps where the departure angle is low, and right if there's a sneak turn or a cloverleaf, as this isn't necessarily obvious from the ground and not always well signed (nothing like leaving a 75 MPH turnpike to hit a hard right turn followed by a stop sign with a busy roadway or an unusually close tollgate).

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answered 15 Sep '15, 09:30

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Baloo Uriza
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I wonder where navigation tools use this difference. I think they use the road geometry to determine slight/normal/sharp. Of course in some cases the road geometry does not correspond with the reality. In those cases one should add something like placement=transitional. For those cases the difference between slight/normal/sharp could be added in the turn restriction or turn:lanes tag.

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answered 12 Sep '15, 07:56

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It would be interesting to know how and if any routers do use "lanes" or "placement" information. The one I'm most familiar with (Garmin) uses mostly geometry and "is it a roundabout or not" when giving directions.

(12 Sep '15, 08:40) SomeoneElse ♦

At least OsmAnd supports (i.e. displays) lanes and turn:lanes (see this example screenshot). Whether right or slight_right just influences the displayed information, nothing else.

(12 Sep '15, 09:19) scai ♦

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