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Hi there,

I am wondering if Osmium would be a good tool to use to filter by bounding box? I had a poke around in the documentation but it seems more geared up for tag filtering and I could not find any examples.


asked 10 Sep '15, 16:51

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Osmium is first an foremost a library and not a tool; there's a couple command-line programs (notably osmium-tool) that make use of some of Osmium's capabilities but mostly Osmium is for programmers. You could implement a bounding box filter with Osmium - but why not use what is already there, namely Osmosis (written in Java), osmconvert (in C), or osm-history-splitter (C++ and based on the older version of Osmium).

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answered 10 Sep '15, 19:37

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OK, thanks, just checking that I hadn't missed something. I wanted to use a "best-in-class" tool (performance-wise) to compare with what I'm doing on scaling out with Hadoop etc. And I think Osmium could be that but I'll take a look at the older tools. Thanks.

(13 Sep '15, 11:19) stev

The other answer ist by a bit outdated. Osmium tool provides an "extract" command which will filter by bounding box (or polygon).

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answered 16 Dec '21, 18:56

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