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Hi all

I have setup an osm tile server (following switch2osm) and wrote a simple openlayers script to browse the content. I have seen a problem that is for certain parts on the map when I zoomed into certain levels, the tiles were just missing and the missing areas were simply blank squares. I have checked the tiles that are missing are always for the same areas at the same zoom level.

I downloaded the osm data from Any idea on how this happens and what I should do to fix it? Thanks. I have uploaded a screen-shot as well as a Youtube video that can visually show the problem. Video: link text

alt text

asked 08 Sep '15, 10:02

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Are exactly the same tiles still missing if you try to access them after a few minutes? Try to empty your browser cache before trying to access them again.

(10 Sep '15, 10:51) scai ♦

Hi @scai you hit the point. First I deleted all the rendered tiles from /var/lib/mod_tile, observed not exactly the same tiles missing. Some missing tiles come back. Then I tried to clear my browser's cache and problem seems solved. The previous missing tiles appeared. Thanks for your enlightening. But I still want to figure out the reason behind this why it is happening.

(10 Sep '15, 11:18) dalishi

Just a guess but maybe your tile server is just too slow for rendering and/or delivering the tiles within time.

(10 Sep '15, 11:44) scai ♦

I suspect that @scai hit the nail on the head above - the renderer isn't able to render tiles fast enough for them to appear in the browser. When I see this problem I do the following:

sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep "TILE "

(note the space after "TILE")

You should see "START TILE" and "DONE TILE" lines in response for tile requests. If a tile fails to appear, wait for the "DONE TILE" line and then refresh the request for it in the browser and you should see it.

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answered 10 Sep '15, 19:01

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Dalishi, since you’ve downloaded the OSM data from a third party, there several update changes possible. Tiles are updated at different levels and moments. So ask the operator for their update frequency or even an explanation. Collect them over a certain period and remember that the tiles are updated all the time, just as everything else in OSM. Consider a download directly from the OSM servers as well.

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answered 10 Sep '15, 10:32

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He is running his own tile server.

(10 Sep '15, 10:49) scai ♦

Hi @Hendrikklaas thanks for your reply. The problem seems because my browser's cache. I did what @scai suggested and problem solved. Still try to figure out what's going on behind. Thanks.

(10 Sep '15, 11:20) dalishi

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