software , both free or not is OK. I just want the building footprint data in appropriate format,in shapefile... etc.

thanks in advance!

asked 06 Sep '15, 13:42

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jzq, I don’t know if this question is OSM related. What do you want to do with the shape files ? Remember that some buildings have more space over their own footprint. There won’t be any program that is able to create a real image of the covered footprint. And yes there a lot of buildings with shelter (garages) on the edges. The only way to collect a real footprint for that kind of building is a local survey.

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indeed,this question is not OSM related.sorry. To be honest,I have download the osm data of Tianjin china,but there's no building outline info.I need it.But to manually draw trace the bing map satellite imagery is maybe a huge and impossible task for myself.

So I think if I can find a software to recognize the building rectangle bounding box (outline,needn't to be accurate) in batch, in shapefile ,gdb....format then I can import it into cityEngine to act as the real building measure for generating building model.

So any hint? so any method to accomplish this?

(07 Sep '15, 16:06) jzq

There's JOSM's scanaerial plugin, and there were some experiments to do that kind of thing in iD too.

But looking at Tianjin's Bing satellite images, the buildings where you can expect those kind of tools to "just work" are a very small minority. Don't expect a fully automated workflow. You'll have to tweak the plugin parameters, use trial and error, and manually fix the shapes afterwards. You may find that for this kind of imagery, automated tools are not good enough and not worth the trouble.

(07 Sep '15, 18:07) Vincent de P... ♦

@jzq, you could try asking your question at a site like

(08 Sep '15, 07:49) Lightsider
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